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Illuminate Your Issues with Our Electrical Troubleshooting Services in Newton, MA

Fix It Right

Dealing with electrical issues can be a major headache, from flickering lights to malfunctioning outlets. At Nicholas Aucoin Journeyman Electrician, we understand the stress these problems bring to your daily life. Based in Newton, MA, we’re here to provide specialized solutions to your electrical woes. Our team uses advanced diagnostics to pinpoint and resolve issues efficiently, offering you peace of mind and satisfaction with our reliable service.

End Your Electrical Woes with Us

When electrical issues disrupt your home or business, it’s crucial to address them promptly. Nicholas Aucoin Journeyman Electrician specializes in identifying and solving complex electrical problems. Our systematic approach includes thorough inspections, voltage tests, and continuity checks to ensure a comprehensive solution. Trust us to restore your electrical system’s safety and functionality.

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Spark a change with Nicholas Aucoin Journeyman Electrician! Our team is charged up and ready to bring light and efficiency to your projects.

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Nicholas Aucoin Journeyman Electrician is your go-to for electrical troubleshooting in Newton, MA. With over 15 years of personal industry experience, we’re equipped to tackle any electrical challenge head-on. Our commitment to safety, efficiency, and detailed work sets us apart. Don’t let electrical problems slow you down. Reach out to us for dependable and swift resolutions.


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